Workshop 2

9th-20th November 2015

Cape Town and Pretoria, South Africa

A series of workshops was held in South Africa to determine market sector needs and potential uses of SBAS. We could meet with organisations such as the South Africa Maritime Safety Agency, the National Geomatics Institute, TRIGNET, TRANSET or LANSERIA.

WS2_2 SBAS-AFRICA team at the worksop organised at SANSA

The workshops enabled us to better understand needs in the maritime sector, geomatic/survey and aviation sector.

SBAS-AFRICA stakeholder briefing in progress at SAMSA



In parallel, part of the SBAS AFRICA team visited flight operators in LANSERIA airport to prepare and organise for the flight trials that will be executed in March 2016.


During the last day, a few people from the team met with the head of the Department of Science and Technology of South Africa to present the main achievements of the project.

Workshop 1

25th June– 3rd July 2015,

Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa

A first series of workshops were organised in Cape Town and Johannesburg area in order to engage with aviation and non-aviation SBAS users/stakeholders (agriculture, maritime, logistics and other SBAS applications). The objective was to find potential GMS (Ground Monitoring Station) host locations, meet SBAS users and to establish SBAS business benefit concepts.

WS1 meeting_4 SBAS-AFRICA briefing at University of Cape Town was attended by representatives from NGI, CAA, TRANSNET and several South African Universities.

A meeting with the CEO and operations manager of Lanseria International airport resulted in an agreement to host the flight trials at their premises.

At the same time, the deployment of two ground monitoring stations was organised in Hermanus and Hartebeesthoek.

WS1 installation_3 SBAS-Africa team from Avanti with the partners in SANSA during a GMS installation event

During that time, the SBAS-AFRICA consortium attended the Transport Conference in the Sandton Convention Centre (30th June – 1st July 2015) where they met and engaged with organisations from the aviation, rail, maritime/port, logistics and geomatics industries.

Then finally, the Avanti team travelled to Pretoria to brief the South African Department of Science & Technology and the Ministry of Transport. Plans for further exploitation and potential funding sources for the implementation of an SBAS test-bed after the end of the SBAS-AFRICA project were discussed.